Quality is at the core of Oxenwood. As you would expect, first and foremost, we are focused on providing the very highest quality furniture utilizing outstanding materials. We have exacting standards and will not sell a product we would not readily have in our own homes. We are constantly excited in demonstrating to customers the quality of our furniture and materials.

We are passionate about furniture which is made of natural materials, primarily wood and stone, and which has a sympathetic character and ambience. Our furniture is designed to stand the test of time and to gain depth and character over time. We are committed to staying true to the evolution of natural materials in the design, construction and maintenance of our furniture.

We make our furniture to order. So within the design specifications of our designs you can specify your desired length, width, height and other characteristics of your Oxenwood furniture. So you receive exactly the piece of furniture you want rather than the inevitable compromise in buying “off the peg” furniture.

We specialise in large and oversize tables. We regularly make and supply tables of up to 6 metres in length. We can also make tables of varying widths. So you get the table which is designed for the space you have in mind; why compromise?